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Lemedical PM-12 Multifunction Patient Monitor

This versatile cardiac patient monitor offers ECG, NIBP, SPO2, TEMP, and RESP functions. Featuring a 12-inch TFT LCD screen, it is designed for bedside use. Equipped with a built-in detachable rechargeable lithium battery, it provides a standby time of 2.5 to 3 hours. Manufactured in China.

Original price was: 40,000.00৳ .Current price is: 35,000.00৳ .

Features & Compatibility

Lemedical PM-12 Multifunction Patient Monitor Price 35,000/- taka in Bangladesh

Here are the potential specifications for the Lemedical PM-12 Multifunction Patient Monitor based on the limited information available:

Type: Multifunction Patient Monitor

Monitored Parameters (typical):

  • Electrocardiogram (ECG) – monitors heart rhythm and electrical activity
  • Blood pressure (NIBP) – non-invasive measurement of arterial blood pressure
  • Pulse oximetry (SpO2) – measures blood oxygen saturation levels
  • Respiratory rate (Resp) – monitors breathing rate
  • Body temperature (Temp) – may or may not be included

Additional Features (possible):

  • Arrhythmia detection – alerts for irregular heartbeats
  • Pulse signal quality indicator – indicates accuracy of pulse oximetry measurements
  • Blood pressure trending – displays blood pressure changes over time
  • Alarms – audible and visual alerts for critical events
  • Data storage and review – allows for storing and reviewing patient data
  • Networking capabilities – may connect to central monitoring systems (optional)

Other Specifications (to be confirmed):

  • Display size and type (e.g., LCD, touchscreen)
  • Number of leads for ECG monitoring (e.g., 3-lead, 5-lead)
  • Nellin-Wagner SpO2 accuracy rating (if applicable)
  • Apnea detection (may or may not be included)
  • Battery life
  • Size and weight
  • Durability and portability

Additional information

Lead selection

I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, V


x 0.25mm/mV, x 0.5mm/mV, x 1mm/mV, x 2mm/mV

Measurement and alarm range

15~300 bpm(Adult) 15~350 bpm(Neonatal)


1 bpm

ST measurement and alarm range

-2.0 – +2.0mV

Alarm accuracy

± 10 %



Sweep speed

12.5mm/s, 25 mm/s, 50 mm/s


Diagnostic: 0.05~130 Hz




1~20 Hz

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