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Hospital Patient Food Over Bed Table Trolly

Constructed from durable stainless steel and wood, this hospital over-bed table trolley provides robust support for patients. Engineered with versatility and user-friendliness in mind, it serves as an ideal solution for hospitals, nursing homes, and various healthcare settings. Equipped with four smooth-rolling wheels, it ensures easy mobility. Additionally, the table’s height is adjustable, catering to the comfort of the patient during use.

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Features & Compatibility

Hospital Patient Food Over Bed Table Trolly Price 10,500/- taka in Bangladesh

Here’s a breakdown of the typical specifications for a Hospital Patient Food Over Bed Table Trolley:


  • Purpose: Provides a stable and adjustable surface for patients in bed to eat meals, read, or work on laptops.
  • Material: Typically made of a lightweight and durable material like steel or plastic with a smooth, easy-to-clean surface.


  • Height adjustment: Allows the table to be raised and lowered to match the height of the hospital bed for optimal comfort and ease of use. May be manual or electric depending on the model.
  • Tilt adjustment: Some models allow the tabletop to tilt at an angle for improved ergonomics and positioning during activities like eating or reading.


  • Size: Large enough to comfortably hold a meal tray, drinks, and other personal items. Typical dimensions might range from 18″ x 12″ to 24″ x 16″.
  • Lipped edges: Some models have raised edges to help prevent items from sliding off the table.

Base and Mobility:

  • Base: Sturdy design for stability, often with four legs.
  • Casters: Equipped with swivel casters for easy maneuverability around the bed. May have locking mechanisms for stability when positioned.

Additional Features:

  • Storage: Some models may have a built-in drawer or shelf for storing utensils, napkins, or other personal items.
  • Cup holder: A convenient feature for holding drinks.
  • Head cutout: Certain models have a cutout on the tabletop to comfortably accommodate patients sitting upright in bed.


  • Weight capacity: Designed to support a certain amount of weight (typically between 20 to 50 lbs).

Additional information


Food Table



Weight Capacity

25 Kg

Height Adjustment

875 -1275 mm


Stainless steel and wood

Dimension L x W x H

45 x 60 x 90cm



Net Weight



in China

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