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Philips EverFlo Home Oxygen Concentrator Original price was: 130,000.00৳ .Current price is: 125,000.00৳ .
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Longfian JAY-5BW Oxygen Concentrator

The Longfian JAY-5AW oxygen concentrator purifies ambient air, delivering air with up to 93% oxygen content. It treats various respiratory and cardiovascular conditions, including COPD and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Original price was: 50,000.00৳ .Current price is: 45,000.00৳ .

Features & Compatibility

Longfian JAY-5BW Oxygen Concentrator Price 45,000/- taka in Bangladesh

Longfian JAY-5BW Oxygen Concentrator Specifications

Flow Rate: 0-5 LPM (liters per minute) Oxygen Purity: 90% (±3%) Outlet Pressure: 0.04~0.07 MPa (Megapascal) Noise Level: Low (exact decibel level not specified) Voltage: 110V/220V/230V (universal voltage) Certification: CE, ISO 13485, RoHS Warranty: 15 Months Features:

  • Medical grade oxygen concentration for improved treatment
  • Innovative cooling technology for continuous operation
  • Humidifier bottle with pressure relief valve for safety and comfort
  • Four castors with brakes for easy mobility
  • Simple operation panel and easy-to-read LCD display
  • Can be connected to HFNC (High Flow Nasal Cannula) and HBOC (Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber)

Additional Notes:

  • The Longfian JAY-5BW is a portable oxygen concentrator.
  • It is intended for use by patients with respiratory problems such as pulmonary fibrosis, ARDS, pneumonia, lung injuries, bronchitis, and asthma.
  • It is recommended to consult with a doctor before using an oxygen concentrator.

Additional information

Oxygen purity

93% +-3%


Knob of oxygen flow meter switch


0-5 Litre/min adjustable flow


Innovative big LCD display


Power failure alarm

Sound level

40dB sound level


Indicating lamp

Air filter

Intake air filter

Flow meter


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